Hello trainers,

We have just updated to Pixelmon Dark 1.9!

To connect to the server, please use either:

Technic Launcher:

Direct Download:

The launcher is easy to install and will update automatically when new updates come out. But if you wish to keep it simple, download the mod directly and put the .jar file into your mods folder

Goodluck and Catch Em' All!

[Kyogre] XxTheBlueJay I missed my fav server thx cjcool06 for keeping us updated :d
[Kyogre] XxTheBlueJay I cant download it please help D:

Hello Trainers,

This last month has been crazy, but at least there is something good to end off the month - rewards! Congratulations to all the building competition winners as well as the top voters. We look forward to seeing new builds in the next competition which is being released shortly!

Building Competition

First Place ($20): theXabyss

Second Place ($15): ChrisOfNormandy

Third Place ($10): TheUnparalleled

All pictures of the builds submitted can be found HERE

Top Voters of the Month

First Place ($15): Ironiceagle

Second Place ($10): HelloKittyc75136

Third Place ($5): Blue_Mew


To receive your rewards, PM me (CJ) on Discord.

We look forward to what you will show us in the upcoming competitions, and good luck to next month's top voters!

beyblader how do i get the game on my minecraft
[Helper] OptimusKoldy congratz everyone

Hello trainers,

I am introducing to you, the Sinnoh region Elite 4! This features four Elite 4 teams that you must beat, in order to challenge the Elite 4 Champion.

In order to begin challenging the Elite 4, you must have already collected the 8 gym badges. All gym rules apply for  each Elite 4 battle too (no healing items, no nicknames on the pokemon, no FEAR strategy).

The Elite 4 members are listed: (each Elite 4 battle has a level 100 cap)

The first Elite 4 member is a bug type

The second Elite 4 member is ground type

The third Elite 4 member is fire type

The forth Elite 4 member is psychic type

The Elite 4 Champion is a mixture of types

You can battle the Elite 4 members at any arena you wish, but you may only battle them ONCE per day. 

If you lose to an Elite 4 member, you have to start again from the beginning of the Elite 4. 

If you beat all Elite 4 members, and then beat the Elite 4 Champion, you will be crowned Elite 4 Champion!

If you're Elite 4 Champion, you are not allowed to decline any battles, you must battle every time somebody asks. 

NOTE: you cannot apply to be an Elite 4 member. 

Best of luck!


Hello Trainers,

I regret to inform you that Pixelmon is no longer going to be maintained, updated, or developed. This means that we will not be expecting any new Pokemon to be released or any bugs to be fixed. Visit HERE for the official post. If I may say so, please head over to the Pixelmon Discord and show your thanks to everyone who contributed to Pixelmon, as their 6 years of hard work is the reason we are ablew to enjoy what it is today. Please keep in mind that it is in no way the Pixelmon Dev's fault; they are being forced to stop developing this mod.

What does this mean for the future of Pixelmon Galaxy?

We will continue to provide players with the Pixelmon experience for as long as there are players to enjoy it. We had some exciting plans that we were planning to release soon that we aren't able to now, which is a bit of a let down. Nevertheless, we are still charging forward with the release of new gyms, the battle tower, a whole new spawn, and much more! We are proud to call ourselves a community; one that has grown so much in just 3 months. If you would like to chat about it with the other players, head over to the discord.

Goodluck and catch em' all, trainers.

- CJ & Luke

PixelmonNetwork Guys This is a great server and we would love to see you guys stay up. We have all versions of pixelmon on our website....
[Mewtwo] Mason_Squid Just in case the server will be shut down could u leave a download link so we could play the same in private/single play...
[Mewtwo] 3BM Hope the server still stays up, no more mod updates is bad enough.

Hello Trainers,

We have decided to just do the building competition this month. So yeah, that's about it. If you have any suggestions for building themes or other competitions you would like to see, let us know!

Building Competition

The building competition is about creativity that is dependent on the theme given. The buildings may be as big or as small as you like, but as they say, bigger is better! The themes will change every month and will be different from the last. This will hopefully give everyone a fair chance as some people specialize in different types of buildings.

Here are the details for this month's building competition:

Theme: Futuristic

Judges: CJcool06, Lukeymu

End Date: 31st of June


     1st: $20 Store Coupon

     2nd: $15 Store Coupon

     3rd: $10 Store Coupon

To submit your building, fill in the form below and post HERE

In-Game Name:

What is the name of the /sethome (you must set a home there): 

(Post up to 5 screenshots of your building)

sdtroopa Can you tell me how to do the download so I can log in to the server
CrzyCookie Fantastic :) looking forward to seeing such cool builds ^^ might try myself ngl
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