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Due to a very faulty plugin, we have decided that we will need to be doing a major plugin overhaul. We are overthrowing our current protection plugin in favour of a new and more optimised one, our economy plugin, as well as changing permission plugins to support it.

When this will happen: 10:30AM GMT

Downtime: 2 hours (approx.)

What will this mean?

Unfortunately you will lose all of your current claims. But don't worry, you will be able to reclaim everything again straight away. We also have our block logging plugin to see if anyone griefs your build while it is unclaimed. By then I will have made a new /info protection page to help you with your new claims!

You will keep all items/pokemon/money and also your ranks.

What will happen to me if I grief someone?

You will be permanently banned.

Blue_Mew Yay! I prefer the claim plugins that make you use Golden Shovels, because if you make a build, you can give someone /acc...

Hello Trainers,

I'm sure everyone will be glad to hear that due to all of the problems we have had with our current host, we have decided to change. 

Here are the details for the host transfer:

Date: 21st June

Time: 3:00AM GMT

Duration: Unknown


As we are changing hosts, we will also be changing IP address. Due to us having a custom domain in which players can connect with (play.pixelmongalaxy.net), it can take up to 48 hours (generally less than 24 hours) for the domain to update around the world. This means that some countries will not be able to connect to the server, while others can. If you would like to understand further, read HERE.

So if you cannot connect to the server, do not worry. As long as you are using our domain (play.pixelmongalaxy.net) you will be able to connect to the server when it updates for your country.


Will I lose any of my items/pokemon/money?

No, you won't even notice we transferred hosts (apart from being lag-free of course!)

How long will this take?

We are not sure, as we have some large server files that are going to be needed to be transferred. I will try to keep everyone updated on the progress on Discord.

I can't connect to the server after the update, what do I do?

You may be using our old numerical ip, try using our custom domain if you aren't already (play.pixelmongalaxy.net). If you still cannot connect, and it has been 48 hours since the update, send in a support ticket and we will personally help you.

Hello Trainers,

Due to the enormous amount of lag that is produced when we have a large amount of players in one place at the same time (aka. /warp hunt), we have decided to move our drop parties away from the server and into our Discord! 

Not only does this prevent lag, but also means that you no longer have to wake up early in the mornings to participate, and also means I don't have to stay up till 3am, yay! So, how will this work?

Simply join the Discord server, enter a command on the #giveaway channel, and that's it! (The command is specified in the channel). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the Discord chat!

Winners are drawn 24 hours later and will be messaged their respected prizes. We are also hosting a special giveaway for all players with a Donor Rank! So if you have a donor rank in-game, message a staff member to receive the VIP rank on the Discord server.

To join the Discord, simply click the link: https://discord.gg/Z2nBZgP

Good luck!

Hello Trainers,

Earlier today, PixelmonMod released a new update - Pixelmon 5.1.1! This update fixes many bugs, but also introduces some new ones. We have tested this on our test server, so we have come prepared for the new bugs. We will be rolling out Pixelmon 5.1.1 on to the Public Server tomorrow with some changes to fix the bugs. All the details are below:

Time of update: 8:00AM GMT

Length of Downtime: 30 minutes (approx.)

Bug: Mega-Evolving Pokemon will result in the ivs/evs of the pokemon to be wiped. To counter this, we will be disabling mega-evolutions until PixelmonMod releases a new version to fix this.

To connect to the newly updated server, you will need to have changed from Pixelmon 5.1.0 to Pixelmon 5.1.1. This can be done by simply switching the jar files in the mods folder if you are using the Minecraft Launcher. You may also need to install an updated forge version.

If you are using another type of launcher please follow the otherwise specified instructions.

For your convencience, here are the specified files:

Pixelmon 5.1.1: http://mirror.pixelmonmod.com/core/5.1.1/

Forge 10.0.2: http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.10.2.html

Hello Trainers,

This months competitions will be slightly different. We have taken away information from last month's competitions and have decided to change it up a bit. We hope you find that this month's competitions will be fairer, enjoyable, and more challenging to all players!

Building Competition

The building competition is about creativity that is dependent on the theme given. The buildings may be as big or as small as you like, but as they say, bigger is better! The themes will change every month and will be different from the last. This will hopefully give everyone a fair chance as some people specialize in different types of buildings.

We have decided to allow a more generalised theme instead of a specialised theme like last month's (Pirates). This time the theme will be 'Summer'. This is a very generalised theme, and is very fitting since it is currently summer break (for americans).

Here are the details for this month's building competition:

Theme: Summer

Judges: CJcool06, Lukeymu

End Date: 31st of June


     1st: $15 Store Coupon & your creation will be immortalized in the warp of winners (/warp winners)

     2nd: $10 Store Coupon

     3rd: $5 Store Coupon

To submit your building, fill in the form below and post HERE

In-Game Name:

What is the name of the /sethome (you must set a home there): 

(Post up to 5 screenshots of your building)

Breeding Competition

The breeding competition is about luck, trial and error, and lots of running. That's pretty much it. You will need to breed the chosen pokemon to the specified IV's over the course of the month. The closer the IV's are to the specific IV's, the higher your score will be. The pokemon chosen for these competitions will change every month. Draws will be decided in a 2 day breeding dual.

Pokemon & IV's: Bagon (57%), Pichu (33%), Sandile (71%), Sentret (14%), Wurmple (99%)

Judges: CJcool06, Lukeymu

End Date: 31st of May


     1st: $15 Store Coupon & a 100% IVs of 1 of the 3 pokemon used in the competition

     2nd: $10 Store Coupon

     3rd: $5 Store Coupon

To submit your pokemon, fill in the form below and post HERE

In-Game Name:

(Post 1 screenshot of the IVs for each of the 3 pokemon)

The competitions will be closed on the 31st of June. 

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